The state of online marketing (and why it’s NOT working)

Hey friend,

The online marketing world has changed. But you already knew this, or felt this, or experienced this firsthand.

Which is why, behind-the-scenes, engagement is dropping, launch numbers are down, burnout is rampant, and all of those “proven” business strategies and “step-by-step” systems are failing you, over and over again.

And this makes me angry. Righteously angry.

Because the “dream” so many entrepreneurs are being sold (by coaches, course creators, consultants, etc.) is nothing short of an illusion.

An illusion that sells, mind you. But an illusion nonetheless.

So over the course of the next few weeks, that’s what this NEW “Unhidden” email series will reveal: The dark underbelly of the entrepreneurial world—with data and depth that goes beyond the online marketing rhetoric and myths about passive income, “proven” 6-figure strategies, “retiring” your husband, and automated funnels and Facebook ads (that magically make money while you sleep).

With myths like these ^^ filling up social media feeds, inboxes, and podcast queues, it’s honestly no surprise that HALF of businesses fail within the first 5 years. Because over and over again, we’ve been spoon-fed this story that success comes easily, that passive income is real, and that if you hustle/focus/serve hard enough, everything you’ve always wanted will fall into place.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Case in point:

  • It took us 3 years (working 60-80 hour weeks) to figure out how to stop trading hours for dollars, decrease our overhead, and pivot our business so that our multiple 6-figure revenue didn’t disappear every year after covering our team + expenses.
  • It took us 1 year and a terrifying business pivot to pay off all my medical debt (from when I had West Nile and viral + bacterial Meningitis) and it’s taken us multiple years since then to finally get caught up on taxes, student loans, and business debt (that we incurred for various reasons, including a $20k mastermind we thought we “needed”).
  • It took us 6 years to figure out how to take care of our money and prioritize our real revenue (instead of just the flashy launch numbers + vanity metrics).
  • It took us 7.5 years (and hiring 15 different people) before we finally figured out how to build the right internal structure and our true dream team.
  • It took us 2 years before we found our rhythm working together, as a married couple, and 5 years before we truly loved our individual roles within the business.
  • It took us 6.5 years to figure out that passive income was a lie and that automated ads, sales funnels, and “set it and forget it” revenue streams don’t actually exist.

This list goes on and on.

And this behind-the-scenes reality is exactly why we created our 6-part podcast series last fall (i.e. Nobody Talks About This).

Because the BIGGEST issue facing modern-day entrepreneurs isn’t oversaturation, or the algorithm, or the rising cost of paid advertising.

The problem is the trickle-down effect (and the toxic impact it’s having on every single investment and decision you make).

Think of it this way: 7 and 8-figure business owners have already been discussing all of these ^^ truths for some time. They already know the strategies that don’t work, the theories that don’t hold true, and the myths that have been proven wrong.

But it takes time for these shifts/changes to seep into what you—the modern-day entrepreneur—are being taught and the advice you’re being given (via podcasts, social media, blogs, webinars, etc.).

This is why, in so many ways, the coaching/consulting/course creating industry works like a pyramid, insomuch that everyone at the top always has the advantage (because they control what you’re being taught) and everything they share for free ensures that everyone entering the industry will always be 5-10 steps behind.

Hopefully my “righteous anger” makes sense now.

And hopefully, this makes you even more excited for the email series we have planned for you.

Because you deserve real answers.

Without the hype.
Without the filter.
Without the trickle down.

And even though the online marketing world has changed (and nothing works the way that it used to), true wealth, true growth, and true freedom are NOT out of reach. For any of us.

My only question for you is: Are you ready for this depth beyond the illusion?

Let me know your thoughts ASAP (via Instagram or email).

All our love for you,
Elise + Scott

PS: Even though we kicked off this NEW email series on January 24, you can still access any of the emails you missed! To get all caught up, just follow the link below:

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