The Instagram algorithm (and what nobody’s telling you)

Hey friend,

For the past two years, I’ve kept my thoughts/feels about the Instagram algorithm to myself.

Partly because I was testing, tracking, tweaking everything I was doing on Instagram post-algorithm (so I could 100% prove or disprove my theories).

Partly due to personal capacity/bandwidth (or lack thereof).

And partly because the online marketing industry hadn’t caught on to what I was doing on Instagram … which meant for the first time, in a long time, my unique approach to social media hadn’t been stolen, packaged, and sold within someone else’s “step-by-step system” yet.

But now, with the overwhelming amount of hype, the overabundance of myths/misconceptions/marketing ploys, AND the number of people perpetuating the belief that the algorithm is constantly working against you or “punishing” your reach … I’m here to set the record straight:

  • The algorithm is the reason WHY we have 4800% more comments on our posts than other accounts (that are the same size).
  • The algorithm is the reason WHY this platform is still our #1 traffic generator (even though we switched to a business account and don’t post every week).
  • The algorithm is the reason WHY I fell back in (deep) love with Instagram itself.

And instead of writing you a long-form email today (explaining our strategy and how/why our reach, engagement, and sales keep growing and growing), I decided to do something a little crazy and ...

** I recorded a brand NEW 45-minute video about the Instagram algorithm **

Not only is this Instagram video 100% free and 100% ungated (which means you can watch it right away without having to opt-in or sign-up for anything), but it’s 45-minutes of straight up transparency and nerdy/ninja strategies that DEFY all the hype, all the rhetoric, and all the weariness surrounding this platform.

It’s also one of those videos that you *must* watch alllllllll the way through. You don’t have to watch it all in one sitting (of course), but if you miss just 1 minute of this 45-minute recording, you’ll be missing out one of the many, many reasons why:

  • We go “silent” on Instagram (without fear/guilt/shame)
  • Our approach doesn’t look/feel/sound like other online marketers
  • We don’t participate in loop giveaways, Instagram pods, and other growth “hacks” (which are short-term shortcuts, NOT actual solutions/strategies)
  • I track our data religiously and remove anything that underperforms
  • I focus on one epic piece of *relevant* content at a time
  • We don’t lose precious time/energy/resources without a clear ROI

Because after 2 years of testing, tracking, and tweaking post-algorithm, it’s time to share it ALL. For free. With transparency. As my gift to anyone craving more data and depth beyond the myths, the misconceptions, and the online marketing ploys.

Note: In this video, I will NOT be telling you to take fancier photos, live a fancier life, or write fancier words. In fact, this video is kinda sorta the antidote to fancy. Which means I’m also sharing real-world strategies that go beyond the Instagram platform into legit sales/marketing advice that’ll increase your connections, skill sets, and earning potential … for good.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and what hits home for you the most. Send me an Instagram message or email me when you’re done?!

Here’s the video one more time: How to make the Instagram algorithm LOVE you (with legit strategy, NOT tricks/hacks)

All our love for you,
Elise + Scott

PS: In light of the fact that it’s International Women’s Day, I can’t help but include a special shoutout to Rupi Kaur and all the ways in which her poetry continuously inspires me and the content we create. Because of women like her (and the many, many, many other women who’ve sacrificed before me) … today’s video had to be recorded, this Unhidden email series had to be written, and my unspoken fear (of the online marketing industry) had to be laid to rest.

“I stand
on the sacrifices
of a million women before me
what can I do
to make the mountain taller
so the women after me
can see farther.”

Rupi Kaur, Legacy

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