The hardest part of online marketing (NEW video included)

Hey friend,

A few days ago, I sent the following text to our free text-mentoring community:

“Sometimes you’ll get a nudge to do something, to create something, to sell something, to say something, or to change something. And yet, you’ll ignore it. You’ll listen to other people, trust other people, and convince yourself that other people must ‘know better’ than you.

But #realtalk … the nudges that appear (and don’t go away) happen for a reason. So don’t bury them, don’t discount them, and don’t run from them. Because as scary as they might feel, those ‘nudges’ are your CEOness coming through. And there’s an insanely good chance that those nudges = the very thing you actually WANT (and SHOULD) do, create, sell, say, or change.

So the question is: What nudges have you been accidentally ignoring or bypassing?

Because just so we’re all perfectly clear: Answering THIS ^^ question (over and over again) is exactly what brought us all here.

What started as a nudge led us to create “Nobody Talks About This”—our 6-part podcast series about the messy intersection of life + business. → Which led us to write this “Unhidden” email series—with its 10 emails, 2 PDFs, and 2 videos about the myths, misconceptions, and marketing ploys found within the online marketing world. → Which led us to launching “Needed This Today”—our free text-mentoring channel for ambitious CEOs.

All the while, we’ve been following nudge after nudge as we’ve reimagined and rebuilt the ALL-NEW Branding School 2.0—which will offer real access and CEO support when it comes to elevating your organic reach, building your true following, and selling like a human.

All this to say, everything you’ve ever seen us create and “succeed” at in life AND business has been a direct result of little nudges that just wouldn’t go away.

That’s why, when it comes to online marketing, it’s NEVER about the perfect photos, or the perfect marketing plan, or the perfect tools/software and why it’s NOT about “consistency” or some fabricated Instagram-version of “authenticity.”

It’s about those CEO nudges—the ones that defy all the rhetoric, all the hype, and all the regurgitated\ clichéd advice found within the online marketing echo chamber.

Which brings us to today and the final nudge in our “Unhidden” series …

** Our brand NEW 45-min video about the hardest (and most clichéd) parts of online marketing **

Side Note: There are no words for how much I love this video. Like … if you’ve never watched a video from us before I really, really, really hope this is the video you start with.

In this video we dive DEEP into the complexities of online marketing beyond every single cliché/meme you’ve ever heard/seen about hustle, overwhelm, content creation, consistency, marketing plans, engagement, high-ticket sales, community building, and selling the “wrong” product, attracting the “wrong” audience, or creating the “wrong” content.

We basically cover more ground in 45 minutes than I can accurately communicate within this email. Which means, layer by layer, we’re unpacking some pretty complex CEO frustrations that will unlock some pretty crazy new ways of marketing your business.

Because as the CEO (and chief strategist) for your brand, wading through all the regurgitated/clichéd marketing “advice” within your industry is probably one of the most exhausting, frustrating, and draining parts of your job. And overcoming all the noise (that’s currently competing for both your and your customers’ attention) is probably an internal/external battle on a daily basis.

Which is exactly why this NEW and FINAL video in our “Unhidden” series is 100% free and 100% ungated (which means you can watch it right away without having to opt-in or sign-up for anything).

This is definitely one of those videos that you’ll want to watch alllllllll the way through. Of course, you don’t have to watch it all in one sitting. But if you miss even 1 minute of this 45-minute recording, you’ll be missing out on one of the many, many reasons why:

  • You don’t have to be “consistent” in order to be insanely good at marketing
  • You don’t have to be “in” with the cool kids, or have a ton of followers, or invest in paid advertising in order to grow your business to 6-figures
  • You don’t have to discount, justify, or “overgive” in order to ask for the sale or to make people “like” you
  • You don’t have to follow someone else’s advice or their “guaranteed step-by-step plan” in order to succeed

Simply put: Out of all the content we’ve shared with you throughout the “Unhidden” series, there’s a reason why we saved this video for last.

Note: This free video has all NEW content that you haven’t heard us share anywhere else. And the coolest part: We’re answering real questions/struggles submitted to us from our community. So everything we unpack is as real, relatable, and relevant as it’s going to get.

As always, we can’t wait to hear what parts of this video hit home for you the most. Please send us an Instagram message, text message, or email when you’re done?!

I promise you: We saved the best for last.

Here’s the video link one last time: The hardest part of online marketing (YOUR questions answered).

All our love for you,
Elise + Scott

PS: From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our community and for celebrating, championing, and contributing to this “Unhidden” series. Whether you’ve emailed us, sent us a DM, tagged us on social media, forwarded our content, liked one of our Facebook/Instagram ads, answered one of our questions, or silently followed along … this email series wouldn’t have been the same without you. And the best part is …

There are lots more “nudges” yet to come.

From our upcoming new/free LIVE workshop (which will teach you how/why “brand marketing” is the never-talked-about combo to succeeding at BOTH “branding” and “marketing” in 2019) to the big unveiling of Branding School 2.0 … this next season of our business will usher in even more depth, data, access, transparency, humanity, and HOPE for a future that defies everything the online marketing world has done in the past.

There’s more where that came from!
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