How #girlboss is holding us back

Hey friend,

I’m weary of the online marketing world. 7.5 years weary.

And the more this “Unhidden” email series has unfolded week by week, the more I’ve realized how weary you are, too. Not just weary of the online marketing industry (and everything they’re currently selling you)—but weary of your own individual industries and all the ways in which you’ve been told you “have to” build your life and business.

And yet, as crazy as this sounds right now, this weariness is a GOOD thing.

In fact, I can’t think of ONE major (and successful) turning point, pivot, idea, or ah-ha moment we’ve had that was not a direct result of our weariness.

Which means, over and over again, as we’ve up-leveled and reevaluated what was/wasn’t working for us ... our weariness became our opportunity.

Weariness is defined as, “The reluctance to see or experience any more of something.”

And when I look back over our 7.5 years in business, that “reluctance to see or experience any more of something” is what led us to reevaluate, realign, and create something BETTER every single step of the way.

And when I analyze what’s happening in the current state of online marketing and all the ways in which you—the modern-day entrepreneur—do NOT want to “see or experience any more” of the same old Facebook ads, online courses, sales pitches, and social media posts you’ve experienced in the past … this is an opportunity for the online marketing industry to do BETTER.

And when I see the weariness and reluctance you feel towards your own business and sales/marketing channels, all I want to tell you is: Your weariness is your opportunity to reimagine and rebuild something that fits you (and your goals, strengths, vision, and customers) even BETTER.

Yet, so many entrepreneurial women struggle with guilt/shame over this.

Because over and over again, the #girlboss rhetoric (i.e. the antidote to the “bro marketing” culture I wrote about a few weeks ago) has told women that if you love your life, your business, and your customers enough ... everything will work out.

And yet, the numbers tell us otherwise.

In fact, the numbers tell us that only 1.7% of all female-led businesses reached 7 figures last year.

Even crazier: 88% of all women-owned businesses made less than $100,000 in 2018.

(Yes, these are actual stats sourced from the US Census Bureau and reported in the “2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses” commissioned by American Express).

Which means something about the current state of female entrepreneurship is BROKEN.

Because once you factor in operating expenses, taxes, and a living wage (for you as the owner) … $100,000/year is barely breaking even.

Which means 88% of all female-led businesses (who are making LESS than $100,000/year) are currently struggling to pay themselves a decent living wage AND cover their operating expenses AND pay for their taxes (unless they have an additional form of income).

And therein lies BOTH your weariness and your opportunity.

Because last year’s statistics are not some glass ceiling or a cap on your earning potential … but an indicator of what is or isn’t working.

This is why your weariness matters so, so, so much. Because time and again, your weariness is telling when/where/how/why something is NOT working for you.

The weariness you feel about Instagram? It’s telling you that your current approach to Instagram is NOT working for you.

The weariness you feel about launching? It’s telling you that your current approach to launching is NOT working for you.

The weariness you feel about what you’re selling and how you’re selling it? It’s telling you that your current approach to sales is NOT working for you.

And the sooner you—as the Owner, Visionary, and CEO of your business—recognize this weariness … the sooner you can test and try something DIFFERENT that will work even better.

Because that’s the thing about weariness: It gives you the opportunity to say, with undeniable clarity, “I don’t want to see or experience any more of this.”

I don’t want to see or experience myself feeling guilt/shame over this again.
I don’t want to see or experience myself “barely breaking even” again.
I don’t want to see or experience myself waiting for “everything to work out” again.

And this is why your weariness is actually a GOOD thing.

Because your weariness = your call-to-action.

For yourself.

For your loved ones.

For the 88% of women who, like you, are SO much more than any statistic.

With so much love for you,
Elise + Scott

PS: If this spoke to you, send me a quick message and let me know. You can send it to me via or a private message on Instagram. But either way, I’d love to know: What is your weariness trying to tell you right now?

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