Shame, ambition, and my unapology (+ my BIG surprise!!)

Hey friend,

In this modern-day era of entrepreneurship, there are more opportunities for female entrepreneurs than ever before—which means the barriers to entry are lower than they’ve ever been.

And yet, as I’ve poured myself into the data and dismantled the current state of online marketing, it’s clear the barriers between 4-5 figure businesses and 6-7 figure businesses still remain.

At this point, there’s no denying the disparity between these two worlds—especially when it comes to access, transparency, and representation. Just the simple fact that 88% of female entrepreneurs within the U.S. made less than $100k last year is proof enough. But once you add in the fact that not all female CEOs are starting out from the same starting line (due to privilege, access to education, funding, family support, etc.) and the fact that secrecy and exclusivity are interwoven into the very ethos of the online marketing industry …

It’s no wonder we—as entrepreneurs, wives, mothers, and friends—feel like we’re constantly “failing” ourselves (and others) by not doing enough, serving enough, self-caring enough, giving enough, meal prepping enough, gratitude-ing enough, cleaning enough, sharing enough, or growing enough.

And this lack of “enoughness” is only amplified by the impossible double standard (i.e. decades of societal conditioning) which have led us to believe that …

  • If a male CEO hires a nanny or a house cleaner = He must love his wife!
  • If a female CEO hires a nanny or a house cleaner = Who does she think she is?!
  • If a male CEO goes on vacation: Look at how he cares for his family!
  • If a female CEO goes on vacation = Who does she think she is?!
  • If a male CEO builds a team = Such a great leader!
  • If a female CEO builds a team = Who does she think she is?!
  • If a male CEO shares his numbers = Wow, he’s so successful!
  • If a female CEO shares her numbers = Who does she think she is?!

This ^^ societal conditioning is still so deeply ingrained in our programming that we, as women, don’t always see it.

This is why so many female CEOs of 6-7 figure businesses downplay their hard work, support teams, and success in order to be accepted by other women. And why so many female CEOs of 4-5 figure businesses are chasing after a version of success that does NOT exist.

Because everything within the world of female entrepreneurship (from the online education being sold, to the vernacular) is centered around ease—easy marketing, easy selling, easy growth, easy access, easy success, easy business models.

And yet … nothing about becoming the CEO of your own company is easy. Which is exactly why women uniquely struggle with so much guilt, shame, judgment, scarcity, and hopelessness over the disparity between their reality and another woman’s “Instagram-version” of success.

A perfect example of this is the work-free Disney Cruise we went on last weekend. The impossible double standard says I should downplay the hard work and support team that went into making that cruise happen so that it simultaneously looks “easy” AND so that other women won’t think I’m too greedy, selfish, or self-indulgent.

“Confessing” anything otherwise means that in the future, 1) Some women won’t buy from me because I’m not selling a lifestyle that’s easy enough, and 2) Some women won’t buy from me because now I’m too successful.

Either way, the stigma/bias is still there.

This is why, even though our free Unhidden series is coming to an end (i.e. next week will be our last email), we’ve decided to create something that will live on—something that will allow me to continuously fight for transparency, access, and representation for ALL women, regardless of their current income level.

Because just so we’re all perfectly clear: Even though I’m the CEO of a very established and systematized multiple 6-figure business, I hustled before and after our cruise to make it happen. In fact, I worked until midnight the night before we left and I worked two 15-hour days after we returned. Plus, Scott deep cleaned the entire apartment for us (since I didn’t have time) and he did the majority of planning, packing, and laundry (on top of his full-time job as our COO). This doesn’t even account for the whole support team we paid to care for our inboxes, customers, Facebook ads, Instagram messages, etc.

Simply put: I am unapologetically NOT superwoman. Which is exactly why I’m so ridiculously nervous/excited/ready to introduce you to:

Needed This TodayReal Texts. Real Talk. Weekly CEO confessions providing the deep exhale you need, right when you need it most.

YES, I’m going to start text-mentoring you. Every single week. All for free.

For years, I’ve dreamed about sending you texts the way I would a close friend. Because as much as I love sharing via Insta Stories, long-form emails, 2-hour podcast episodes, and Facebook Lives ... every single one of these modern-day communication channels requires more time, energy, and capacity than you or I always have the bandwidth for.

By creating a channel that’s completely separate from all the clutter, hype, and weariness surrounding social media and email, I’ll finally be able to break down the stigmas/myths/barriers even further and support you in a way that’s simpler, truer, and more integrated into our daily lives as female CEOs.

At the heart of it, this texting channel is about sistering, solidarity, and creating a safe space for ambitious women to explore, heal, and hope.

Free of judgment.
Free of guilt.
Free of shame.
Free of ridicule.
Free of repression.

Because if anything is to change, the double standard has to go.

For the sake of every woman.

For the sake of every CEO.

For the sake of every entrepreneur who’s ever dreamed of a future that’s bigger than any 88% statistic.

The only question is: Will you be joining in?

With all my love,
Elise (Scott says hi too!)

PS: To receive new weekly texts from me, it’s as easy as texting ceotalk to 555888. Your phone number is (and always will be) sacred to me. So I will only be texting you with encouragement, resources, or “confessions” if/when I have something truly worth saying or sharing.

Please Note: You can opt in or opt out of receiving text messages from me at any time. So if at any point my texting channel no longer serves you, feel free to text “STOP” and find something that serves you even better.

For more details about “Needed This Today” and a sneak peek at the texts I’ll be sending you, make sure to read through this deliciously happy website.

There’s more where that came from!
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