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Thriving through

How to build your Crisis Protocol

There are three main phases to building a Crisis Protocol.

All three phases are essential and work together to calm your nervous system, maintain your cash flow, and unlock the creative power of your “CEO brain.”

Phase 1:
Stabilize yourself

This whole process starts with you. As the CEO of your business, YOU are your business’s most important asset. And unless you are leading your business from a place of capacity, groundedness, strategy, and wisdom, you will fray and dismantle your most precious resources—burning yourself (and your team) out in the process. 

This is why, in the midst of an unexpected crisis, you have to detach from any of the unhealthy patterns (modeled by the online marketing industry) which push you to operate in a rush, or make you feel anxious for not being productive enough and “contributing,” or encourage you to get sidetracked with busy work (more content! new signature offers!) that simply don’t deserve your time, energy, or investment.

In seasons of crisis, you must reserve your resources for only the most important actions.

Acting too quickly, expending energy on busy work, or simply losing track of your focus or time is a very natural trauma response in times of unexpected crisis. So if you’ve been feeling distracted or overwhelmed OR you already know you’ve been doing more than you need to (without much return), then please know: You are not alone in this and there is no reason for shame. This is a safe space for you. 

Taking the steps we recommend in this guide will create stability within you so you’ll be able to access the strategic side of your “CEO brain” which is needed to successfully stabilize your business.

Phase 2:
Stabilize your business

Once you’ve stabilized yourself, then it’s time to care for your business.

As the CEO, you’re already used to making smart and strategic business decisions and understanding how to manage your cash flow, projects, offers, messaging, team, customers, and all of the other responsibilities as CEO—but whenever an unexpected crisis happens, it raises a new question:

How do you lead your business forward when the ground is constantly shifting underneath you?

We created this free guide to answer that question. Within this step-by-step process, we will walk you through how we’ve created security and safety within our own business so that you do NOT have to stabilize, strategize, and shift all alone.

Throughout the years, Scott and I have done it all—from taking out lines of credit, to floating our business with our personal savings, to keeping our operations lean so we have the agility and flexibility to pivot with ease. But our aim with this guide isn’t just to tell you what we’ve done in the past, but to give you a step-by-step, self-guided strategy that you can immediately implement within your own business so you can recover, rebuild, innovate, and grow—today, tomorrow, and every day hereafter.

Phase 3:
Strategize for the future

For this last phase of your Crisis Protocol, we’ll analyze HOW your business functions so that more money can flow in and less time, energy, and resources can “leak” out. 

This is where we transition your business out of “survival mode” into “growth mode”—so you can thrive beyond the initial crisis. This is also why all three phases within this Crisis Protocol must work together layer by layer (and why we don’t recommend skipping steps in this process).

Because once the epicenter of a crisis has receded, there comes a season of breakthrough and opportunity.

Even when it seems impossible.

Even when the current crisis feels like it will never end.

Even when you can’t imagine a NEW reality that’ll serve your customers even better.

Despite ALL the odds, a new future will unfold for you and your business—as new ideas, new words, new data, new purpose, and new vision unlock before your very eyes.

And THIS is exactly how we’ll create this breakthrough within 3 phases…

Phase 1:
Stabilize yourself

Step 1: Calm your nervous system

Step 2: Handle physiological needs
(food, water, shelter, medicine)

Step 3: Address personal layers of safety
(financial, physical, and mental health)

Step 4: Ask for the support you need

Phase 2:
Stabilize your business

Step 1: Future-proof your finances

Step 2: Turn on “maintenance mode”

Step 3: Extend care in layers

Phase 3:
Strategize for the future

Step 1: Create your short-term strategy

Step 2: Plan for long-term success

If you haven’t done so already, pull up a Google Doc or grab a notepad, because it’s time (and you’re ready) to learn, grow, and implement Phase 1…

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