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Sharing this is not easy …

They say courage is contagious. And if there’s anything our 6-part podcast series has taught me, it’s that the courage within our community—and the way in which you’ve shared after each + every episode has aired—has a ripple effect that creates even more courage for both of us.

Truth be told: Creating this podcast series has been the opposite of easy. It has pushed both Scott and I to our upper-limits time and again as we’ve recorded and re-recorded multiple episodes, fought through our tiredness and our emotional highs and lows, and overcome vulnerability hangover after vulnerability hangover as we’ve shared stories with you we’ve never shared before.

For example, in this latest episode on Minimalism + Distractions, the #1 thing I was nervous to share with you was our decision to move into an apartment (since apartment-living is the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone in our industry does). Would it discredit me as a business mentor? Would it negatively affect your view of our success?

But that’s the thing: Redefining success has nothing to do with what other people will think/feel/say.

Which is why, at the end of the day, my version of success (and the fact that we thrift all our clothes, rent an apartment, and don’t have a Netflix account) isn’t for anyone else.

It’s for us.

And the fact that other people may think it’s extravagant to hire a house cleaner or a personal assistant has nothing to do with them and their lifestyle choices.

It’s for us.

Which is why Episode 5 of Nobody Talks About This means so much to us. Because at the end of the day, if you’re building your life + business FOR other people … then you’re missing out on building the life + business you really want.

And more entrepreneurs—especially female entrepreneurs—need to be talking about this.

We need to know that other women have opted-out of the “Instagrammable” lifestyle.

We need to know that other women have experienced resistance from friends + family when they’ve redefined the “American Dream.”

We need to know that other women do NOT do everything within their life and business, but pay for support teams to keep them sane + grounded behind-the-scenes.

Which is why TOMORROW, November 13, at 12pm Eastern we’re going LIVE on Instagram + Facebook to gather as a community and talk about Episode 5.

And because of how much we love this community and how passionate we are about your choice to opt-out and redefine success behind-the-scenes, Scott and I have decided to do another GIVEAWAY during tomorrow’s LIVE Communal Conversation about Minimalism + Distractions.

So if you attend tomorrow’s live event (on Facebook or Instagram) and leave us a comment **while we’re LIVE** about minimalism, distractions, or Episode 5 … then you’ll automatically be entered into our GIVEAWAY!

Annnnnnnd this time: We’re giving away $100 so that YOU, as the owner + leader of your company, can have your home deep cleaned by someone else.

Which means that ONE entrepreneur in attendance tomorrow will receive $100 from us.

Important Note: This money is not to be used on your business, but to hire a house cleaner so that you have the time + energy you need to lead your business forward.

To be eligible to win, you must be 18 years or older and a US resident with a current US mailing address. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by direct message afterward for their US mailing address.

And the whole reason why we’re doing this LIVE and why we’re giving away this $100 is to remind you of just one thing: Opting-out of doing more, owning more, or working more is NOT a sign of weakness or a reflection of your success, but a badge of honor you can wear with grace.

So TOMORROW, at 12pm Eastern, let’s gather together as a community and celebrate that.