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Hey friend,

2 years ago, when we walked into trauma therapy for the very first time, we had no idea it would change the trajectory of our entire business. All we knew (or could see) was our own pain, and our own loss, and our own need for healing.

Fast forward to 9 months ago, when we launched the first podcast episode within our 6-part series, and we still had no idea everything within our business was changing.

All we knew (or could see) was that we—as humans—had changed.

And yet, that’s the thing about branding that nobody ever talks about: Nothing about your brand is meant to stay the same.

Because when we—as humans—grow, and change, and heal, and become more of the people we are meant to be … our business grows, and changes, and heals, and become more of the version it’s meant to be, too.

That’s why, in so many ways, you will “outgrow” your business over and over again. It’s why things you used to sell, stop selling. And why marketing strategies that used to work, stop working. It’s also why growth within your business is a direct result of your own growth as a human, as a leader, and as a CEO.

Because the business you’re building can’t grow in isolation from you. And your growth can’t help but affect the business you’re here to build. The two are so deeply intertwined and yet within the online marketing industry, we’ve all been taught to blame the algorithm, or to blame the funnel, or to blame the Facebook ads, or to blame the coaches/courses who taught us in the past.

When in reality, what’s really going on is that we’ve outgrown the business or the business has outgrown us. Either way, the growth we want (i.e. the growth that feels RIGHT in ways you can’t quite explain) is directly related to our own capacity to communicate, negotiate, and lead our businesses forward.

We have to be the CEO our business needs.

But when I look around at the online marketing industry and everything that’s been done/taught in the past, I don’t see CEO training, or “proven step-by-step courses” that understand this complexity/nuance/depth, or educational experiences that actually remove your loneliness and decision-fatigue, instead of adding to it.

Which is exactly why, when we walked into trauma therapy 2 years ago or launched our podcast series 9 months ago … we didn’t know we were “outgrowing” Branding School 1.0 and that Branding School 2.0 was already in the making.

So here we are.

With a different business, a different mission, and a different “online course” that is no longer a typical online course.

And I am undeniably and achingly TERRIFIED to share it with you. So terrified, in fact, that tears are streaming down my face as I type these words.

Because for the last 2 years of my life, I’ve been preparing for this moment. Of course, I didn’t know that then. But as the tears flow, I know that now.

Branding School 2.0 was built because of our own insatiable desire for depth, data, transparency, access, and support.

It was built because “The days of ‘engineering smallness and playing it safe’ are over,” as Brené Brown so perfectly said.

And it was built because we believe that when you tap into parts of your brain, and your story, and your strengths, and your message, and your voice, and your humanity, and your vision in ways that you haven’t tapped into them before, it unlocks your capacity to lead like a strategist, sell like a human, and create a new wave of earning potential.

Which is exactly why we’re here and why I’m not “surprising” you with the launch of Branding School 2.0.

Because to sell like a human means there are no surprises (except for the GOOD ones).

And because dozens and dozens of you have already asked about the cost of Branding School 2.0 and have already prepared and planned on it being $1197, it felt out of integrity to not tell you that Branding School is not only a completely new program (with all-new curriculum, an all-new approach, and an all-new format), but as a result of all of these changes … the investment in Branding School 2.0 is increasing and all-new, too.

With that said, it didn’t feel right to us to increase the cost of Branding School without at least giving you the opportunity to join in for the original price.

So if you already know that you want to work with us (and our team) in a deeper way over the next few months, then today’s email was specifically meant for you.

Please note: There is no sales page yet and there is no webinar yet for Branding School 2.0.

There is nothing fancy about this early enrollment offer. Because this is for the people in our community who already know that Branding School 2.0 is meant for them.

So if this is for YOU, here are the three biggest changes to Branding School 2.0 that you need to be aware of:

  1. The investment is increasing from $1197 to $1997 for everyone except you, [First Name]. More on that in a minute.
  2. Branding School 2.0 is no longer a DIY course with pre-recorded videos and worksheets.

    Now, My Own Irresistible Brand is a LIVE experience where we’ll be teaching the curriculum 2X a week (so you can choose the time that works best for your schedule).

    Live class is taught twice weekly
    Mondays at Noon and 7pm Eastern

    Live brainstorming session (and decision-making Q&A) once weekly
    Thursdays at 7pm Eastern

    Plus, as a part of early enrollment, you’ll get FREE access to our in-person conference with us + our entire team in Orlando on August 2, 2019!!! (worth $497).
  3. Then, beyond all of these LIVE aspects (which gives you unprecedented access to us), all the weekly recordings and the corresponding action steps will be uploaded to your student portal so you can still do this as a DIY course (at any time in the future) OR you can mix + match the live aspects and the recordings to accommodate your schedule.

Because My Own Irresistible Brand: The Live Experience is so personalized, interactive, and built for real-world results and momentum, the core curriculum will start on June 17 and will run until July 31.

To secure one of the spots in Branding School 2.0 at the old tuition of $1197, this is a savings of $800+.

And again, this special pre-launch invitation is for those of you who already know that Branding School 2.0 is for you.

So if you’ve been saving up to work with us in this NEW way (where we’ll be teaching the all-new curriculum with its proprietary frameworks, systems, and strategies), this is your chance to save $800+ and secure one of the spots here.

This early enrollment opportunity is only open for you, [First Name], through May 16, 2019.

Please Note: As a part of this early enrollment offer, we’ve also created multiple payment plans, including a 12-month payment plan of $117/month. This means you can join in today for $117 and lock in the original price of Branding School with monthly installments.

Of course, if you have any questions, that’s why we’re here. Email us. DM us. Or, if you want to live chat back-and-forth with us in real time …we’ve added a “chat” option on the early enrollment page. We’ll leave the chat option on (for as much as we’re able to) until May 16. So if at any point over the next 72 hours you want to ask us questions about Branding School 2.0, or the $800+ savings, or the crazy bonuses we’re including …

We’re ready (and waiting) to offer you some CEO relief.

To “outgrowing” old brands and selling like a human,
Elise + Scott

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