Orlando, Florida • August 2, 2019

Woven throughout every single layer, this 1-day sanctuary for ambitious CEOs provides
the depth, transparency, and breakthrough you’ve been (not-so-secretly) aching for.
our 2019 conference Theme
is Breakthrough
Because as you shift, change, and grow into the fullness of your role as CEO (and all the gifts and responsibilities that come along with it), the learning curve never stops.

Which is exactly why everything in your business feels like it’s affecting everything in your business.

Whether it’s your systems affecting your sales, your sales affecting your soul, or your soul affecting your strategy … it’s clear that your capacity for success lies within your capacity to lead yourself and your business forward.

So the question then becomes: What if?
What if, instead of continuously pouring yourself out from an empty cup, you set aside ONE day to let us pour into you?

And what if, while you were surrounded by gardens and true kindred spirits, you experienced the type of breakthroughs and ripple effects that not only transformed you (as a leader, partner, and human) but forever CHANGED the way in which you did life + business?

Because that’s what our first-ever New Wave Conference is here to do.

In Orlando, Florida on August 2, 2019.
This is about SEASONS,
At the core of our work, it always comes back to these five topics for a reason. Because the humanity that leads us ALL forward as we grow, fail, and adapt throughout every new season of entrepreneurship isn’t as simple as building the “right” sales funnel, or hiring the “right” coach, or taking the one “right” next step.

True and lasting success is so. much. more. nuanced than that. And that’s why, on August 2, 2019, we’ll be diving deep beyond the illusion of success into the messy REALITY of what it really takes to breakthrough:
  • Old patterns
  • New challenges
  • Glass ceilings
  • Outdated “rules”
  • Plateaus and risks
As you reclaim surrendered ground and prioritize your own growth, healing and goals.
If you’ve been around the @heysweetpea world for a while (or listened to our Nobody Talks About This podcast series), you already know we don’t shy away from the messier conversations in life and business.

And this 1-day gathering will be no different. Because more than anything else, we crave conversations and safe spaces that allow us to go beyond all the hype, rhetoric, and cliches to speak into the complexities of momentum, doubt, leadership, profitability, mental health, and lasting success.

So instead of keeping these conversations behind-closed-doors (or limiting them to our podcast or paid programs), we’ve decided to create a sanctuary for you in REAL life.

This intimate 1-day event (limited to 100 people) will not only give you access to us and our entire team but to our community of mentors, clients, and colleagues.
Throughout the day, Elise + Scott will be speaking on seasons, strategy, systems, sales, and soul. But beyond that, we’re bringing in two of our favorite mentors (and forward-thinkers) who will speak into the sales and soul of your role (as CEO) in ways you’ve never heard them talked about before.
Elise + scott grice
branding + systems strategists
kendrick shope
international sales expert
rita young
licensed mental health counselor
Not only will the entire @heysweetpea team be a part of the New Wave Conference (and offering their insider knowledge and expertise on paid advertising, operations, and customer service) but there will be TWO additional panels who will be opening up about what’s working, what isn’t, and the BREAKTHROUGHS associated with “Pivots + Plateaus” and “Risks + Reward.”

These panels have been hand-selected from diverse industries and business models, including (but not limited to) a jewelry maker, a life coach, a food blogger, a sex/intimacy expert, a designer, and a productivity expert.
“During my intensive weekend with Elise and Scott, I was held in a safe space to unravel, to be super honest about where I felt like I was falling short, or afraid to be a leader, or completely clueless about how to take things to the next level.

Elise and Scott were so human, real, and loving with me. They allowed me to see parts of their business that I hadn’t seen before that really cracked me open. And that was only the beginning ...”
Madison hedlund, life coach
“During my intensive weekend with Elise and Scott, I was held in a safe space to unravel, to be super honest about where I felt like I was falling short, or afraid to be a leader, or completely clueless about how to take things to the next level.

Elise and Scott were so human, real, and loving with me. They allowed me to see parts of their business that I hadn’t seen before that really cracked me open. And that was only the beginning ...”
Madison hedlund, life coach

event details

Dates + times

Friday, August 2nd, 2019
9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Orlando, Florida
East End Market
3201 Corrine Dr,
Orlando, FL 32803


Food/drinks to be provided
(light breakfast, lunch, snacks)
Event materials
A few surprises!

Not Included

Travel to/from Orlando
Ground transportation
Hotel accommodations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You’ll want to bring your favorite note-taking device (whether that’s your laptop, tablet, or good ol’ fashioned pen and paper).
  • If you decide to bring electronics, don’t forget your cables and portable chargers!
  • A light jacket/sweater. Florida summers are hot which means we keep the A/C cold! If you get chilled easily, you’ll want an outer layer you can throw on during the conference.
What not to bring?
  • We’ll be providing water bottles, coffee, and snacks. So you don’t have to worry about bringing your own bottle/thermos or protein bar unless you want to.
  • Please leave your selfie sticks and weapons of any kind at home.
The doors will open at 9:30 AM with the event starting shortly after. Please arrive on time so that you don’t miss any of the event!
There will be light breakfast food provided upon your arrival at the event. Also included will be a catered lunch and afternoon snacks. A variety of beverages will be available throughout the day.

We will contact you closer to the event with specifics about food choices.

We will make every accommodation possible for individuals with food allergies or sensitivities. Please state on your registration form if you’d like us to make special arrangements for you.
Nope. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!
The event activities are only from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Friday. There are no other activities outside that time.
However, we highly recommend taking advantage of all the amazing attractions in the Orlando area during your visit. Our #1 recommendation is, of course, Walt Disney World. But you could also make plans for visiting Harry Potter World at Universal, or any of the other local attractions on your own time.
The closest major airport is Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Another option is Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) although it’s not as centrally located.
Our venue is East End Market just a little northeast of downtown Orlando. We recommend choosing a hotel/Airbnb in the Winter Park area (north of the venue). It’s a picturesque town, out of the hustle and bustle of downtown, with a beautiful main street and only about a 10 min Lyft ride to the venue.
If you don’t plan on touring Orlando (or hitting up any of the local hotspots, such as Disney World), we recommend using Lyft/Uber. If you do plan on having a little fun outside of the event, we recommend renting a car from the airport.

If you do rent a car, the venue does have free parking.
No, the event will not be recorded. We will be 100% focused on the 100 ambitious CEOs who are in the room with us + our team. We will also be unpacking all-new topics outside of the Branding School curriculum.
Also, out of respect for everyone attending the event, we ask that you refrain from recording any of the event sessions.
Outside of the traditional claims to fame (Walt Disney World, which is compromised of 4 amusement parks, 2 water parks, Disney Springs, mini golf, etc.) there’s Universal (which includes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and Sea World. But beyond all of the amazing restaurants and attractions connected to the amusement parks, there’s so much to see/do/experience in Orlando itself. We highly recommend checking out the Winter Park area for coffee shops, dining, farmer’s markets, etc. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can drive an hour in either direction and spend time at the beach! Orlando is also 45 minutes away from the Kennedy Space Center.
All sales are final, which means that tickets are non-refundable. However, if you can’t make it, you might be able to transfer your ticket to someone else. Please contact us at hello@myownirresistiblebrand.com if you’d like to transfer your ticket.
We’re here for you! Please reach out with your questions before registering for the event. Just email hello@myownirresistiblebrand.com and our team will be sure to take care of you!
To reclaim depth, transparency, and HOPE as we release, renew, and reclaim the next step in our entrepreneurial journeys.

And no matter your business model, your gender, your area of expertise, your level of burnout, or the amount of money you make … we’ll meet you there.

Because for us, it all starts here.

With opening up the gates, tearing down our walls, and coming together—as a community—to slow down just enough to listen, to learn, and to talk about the stuff nobody else is talking about.

With so much love for you,
Elise & Scott Grice