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Minimalism or trainwreck … you choose 

There were so many times when I wanted to quit. Quit entrepreneurship, quit “adulting,” quit all the responsibilities that came along with owning a business, creating a home, and caring for myself and my marriage.

Because it felt like too much for one human to bear. And all that weight, all that pressure, and all of those shoulds, musts, and have tos were the exact reason why I’d curl up in the fetal position and beg Scott to answer just one question:

“Is this all life will ever be?”

Which then led us to question everything.

How we did life, how we did business, and how the choices we were making were ultimately serving us or draining us.

And layer by layer, as we challenged one overwhelming/stressful/exhausting aspect of our life + business after the next, we created something new, something different, and something we’d never seen modeled for us before.

That’s why, looking back, we so fondly refer to ourselves as “accidental minimalists.”

Because all we knew back then was that there were LOTS of things that needed our attention, or our money, or our time and energy.

And all we did was give ourselves permission to quit.

Quit the big city, big house, big to-do list, and big business … ALL of it.

Because we realized that the only way we were going to “make it” was if we made room for more. More time, more support, more depth, more intimacy, more experiences, and more left over … for vacations, savings accounts, and lifestyle upgrades.

Of course, none of these changes happened overnight and none of them were easy.

But the more layers we shed and “undtrendy” counter-cultural decisions we made … the more everything we did worked. Like, really worked.

Which is why, without minimalism, our business would NOT have been successful from the start.

And without minimalism, our branding school would NOT have reached $1.3 million dollars in sales.

And without minimalism, our mental health, marriage, and net worth would NOT be what they are today.

So if you’ve been wondering HOW we were able to reclaim our time, energy, and resources in order to invest in these aspects of our life … Episode 5 is your answer.

>> Episode 5: Minimalism + Distractions << In this episode, we finally open up about our journey to redefine the “American Dream” by downsizing our home, simplifying our business, eliminating our to-do list, and prioritizing our lives, time, health, and freedom. So if you haven’t already, make sure to Subscribe on iTunes to listen in today OR hop on over to our podcast website and listen to it there. Because no matter how far along you are in business or how overwhelmed you feel right now, this episode was specifically created to remove all the pressure, all the noise, and all the distractions … so that you can finally have a business that truly serves you and live a life that’s actually free.