Branding School 2.0—exclusive UPGRADE

Hey friend,

Back in June, you took a chance on yourself, your business, and the all-new Branding School 2.0. And now we want to invest back into you and your business by offering you the chance to re-do Branding School 2.0—as a LIVE experience—all over again!


Yes! We decided to do something a little crazy and put together a special bonus offer for you if you choose to pay off your Branding School 2.0 payment plan early.

Since you’re up to date on all of your payments, we want to give you an exclusive opportunity to claim this offer by paying off the rest of the payments associated with the 12-payment plan you selected when you signed up for Branding School 2.0.

**Important Note: We’ve never offered this before and we won’t be offering this later on in your payment plan. This is a limited, one-time offer.**

So if you choose to pay off the rest of your Branding School 2.0 payment plan between now and Thursday, September 26, at 7pm Eastern, you’ll receive:

  • $144 in savings. Because you’ll be paying off your entire payment plan early, we will waive all future processing fees associated with the 12-payment plan. This savings of $144 means that instead of owing the remaining $1496, you will only owe $1352 to pay off your Branding School balance in full.

PLUS, you’ll also get:

  • The next LIVE round of Branding School 2.0—for FREE. You already have lifetime access to all the recordings for Branding School 2019. But by paying off your payment plan early, you’ll also get access to the next LIVE round of Branding School—coming in Spring 2020!

    This means you’ll get to experience all the live training, live coaching, and live critique sessions next year. You’ll get the full digital experience* all over again—as if you were a brand new student.

    *Note: The full digital experience does not include any offline bonuses or in-person components we may include in Branding School 2020 (like tickets to our conference, mastermind days, etc.).

As a reminder: We personally showed up on camera 24 times for this past LIVE round of Branding School—making ourselves available to you for 54 hours of LIVE coaching. And as a part of this pay-off offer, you’ll be able to experience it all over again … for free.

Beyond that, by paying off your payment plan, you’ll be able to claim this investment as a tax write-off this year AND you’ll simultaneously be investing in business coaching for 2020.

So yes:

  1. You’ll save $144
  2. You’ll get the next LIVE round of Branding School for free
  3. You’ll be able to claim this as a 2019 tax write-off
  4. You’ll be pre-investing in business coaching for 2020

And we’ve made all of this ^^ incredibly easy and simple for you.

To complete the pay-off (and claim these one-time-only perks), all you have to do is head over here and make your one-time payment of $1352 by this Thursday, September 26, at 7pm Eastern.

Of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here and willing to help. Always.

With all our love,
Elise, Scott, and #TeamSweetPea

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