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I went into debt to learn this (so you don’t have to)

Earlier this year, I had this crazy idea. It wasn’t fully formed or perfected. But every single time I would try to explain it to someone, I’d see their eyes glaze over as they politely and anticlimactically replied, “Sounds cool,” or, “That’s fun!”

Which essentially translated to = “I don’t get it.”

Of course, that was NOT the reaction I was hoping for (obviously), but I decided to show up anyway, do my best work anyway, and fight for something I believed in anyway.

So that’s what I did. I wrote, designed, planned, and perfected. And then …

Then I doubted myself and did it all over again.

And that’s what so many entrepreneurs don’t realize: Doubt and momentum always come hand-in-hand.

Which is why Scott and I have never felt ready. In fact, there hasn’t been one time in our business’ history when I didn’t hold my breath and feel insane butterflies in my stomach when we launched something new, wrote something vulnerable, or taught something LIVE via a webinar, Instagram, or Facebook.

Every. Single. Time.

The doubt was always there, tempting me to choose it and give up, instead of rally and step forward with courage.

Which is why this final episode of Nobody Talks About This is full of truth bomb after truth bomb. It’s the “tell me like it really is” business conversation that you’ve ALWAYS wished you could have.

Because you deserve to know. And you shouldn’t have to go into debt to learn about what true momentum and doubt looks like, at every level.

I’m so insanely proud of this episode. Like, I love every single episode in our 6-part series. But this episode? This episode is the conversation I wish I could have with you, in-person, when it comes to vanity metrics, growth, “6-figures,” perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and the “cool kids” club.

And we’re not holding anything back.

In fact, in Episode 6: Momentum + Doubt, we’re ungating 14 “secrets” that 6 and 7-figure business owners don’t ever share (unless they’re behind-closed-doors and you’re paying them to).

Which is why we’re diving in, layer by layer, and talking about things like:
The cycle of self-doubt and vanity metrics
Upper-level “secrets” and the lies we’re all told
Limiting beliefs and how we can replace them
The myth of overnight success
“Imposter Syndrome” and fraudy feelings
Coming up with your “million-dollar idea”
How to create + brand something truly unique
Why you don’t need a fancy website
Sales funnels and how to uncomplicate them
How to tame your inner perfectionist
Vanity metrics vs. measuring true growth
Which numbers matter (and which ones don’t)
Creating clear, specific, and achievable goals
How to stop wasting time + money
Becoming the CEO vs. a freelancer
The “all or nothing” mentality that’s hurting you
How you’re stealing from your own business
Simply put: If you own any kind of business, at any level, and you want to grow, change, and elevate everything to its fullest potential … then this episode is the MUST-LISTEN of the season.

As Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth Revisited) once wrote:

“So if your business is to change—as it must continuously to thrive—you must change first. If you are unwilling to change, your business will never be capable of giving you what you want.”

Which means YOU are it.

As the leader and visionary of your company, this comes down to you.

And Episode 6 is here and ready to support you … with depth, vulnerability, and a willingness to “go there” when nobody else will.