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I swore I’d never share this … 

My hands are shaking as I type this. Because tomorrow, October 10, at 12 pm Eastern, we’ll be sharing something with our community that we’ve never shared before.

Truth be told, I’ve been struggling to put into words exactly what I’m feeling right now.

Because this moment is 7 years in the making.

And this surprise is so deeply personal and so undeniably real, that I find myself crying tears of joy, and hope, and anticipation every single time I try to explain it.

Because this surprise isn’t something we’re selling, or something we’re promoting, or something we’re gaining anything from.

Our mission is so much deeper and truer than all of that.

Because despite cultural status and vanity metrics, family of origin and individual stories of trauma … behind closed doors, entrepreneurs like you and like us, are craving something more, something deeper, and something undeniably real that gives us permission to say:

Yes, I’ve been there, or, Yes, I’m still there, too.

So that’s why tomorrow, at 12 pm Eastern, we’re going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram to share our big surprise with you.

(And yes, this surprise is so big we’re going to attempt to go live on both platforms at the very same time).

Because as crazy as this may sound, our big surprise is unlike anything we’ve ever done/created/shared before.

And this big surprise—this thing we’ve never done/created/shared before—is 100% our gift to you.

For you who feels like giving up. For you who feels like they’re doing it all wrong. For you who feels like nobody else is going through the pain and the failure, the loss and the bitterness, and all those non-Instagram-able days in-between.

This is for you.

And tomorrow we can finally, finally, finally gift it to you.

>> 12 pm Eastern, LIVE on Facebook and Instagram << We’ll meet you there.