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I stopped posting on Instagram … here’s what happened

If there’s one thing you can count on in business, it’s that things will always change. Industries will change, platforms will change, people will change, and YOU, as the owner + leader, will change.

And the problem is: So many small business owners resist this change.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve received countless messages from creative entrepreneurs who are sad/mad/worried/upset that Twitter’s changing, or that Facebook’s changing, or that Instagram’s changing, or that ads are changing, or that funnels are changing. And every single time, I tell them the very same thing:

Change is good. Change is healthy. And companies that don’t change, don’t grow.

That’s why I only posted on our Instagram feed 8 times last year and our business still doubled in revenue.

That’s why I only emailed our list a few times last year and nobody’s forgotten about us.

That’s why I’m always pushing myself to think of new ideas to connect with our dream customers in ways that surprise + delight them as much as they surprise and delight me.

Simply put: I’m not content doing things like everyone else in our industry is doing them. I’m not waiting for someone else to lead the way or to give me permission. And I’m definitely not watching what anyone else is doing and consuming/sharing their content in lieu of creating my own.

Instead, I am actively testing, tracking, and tweaking what works for me (and my people) every single step of the way.

Because that’s the big ol’ secret: Everything that you create in the realm of branding, and marketing, and sales, and business is a test. All of it.

Sometimes you’ll get it right. And sometimes it’ll fall flat. But as long as you keep testing, tracking, and tweaking over and over again … every single email you write, sales funnel you create, Facebook ad you promote, and idea you pursue will keep getting better and better.
And best of all, if you approach everything you do/create as a test, it removes all the pressure of “getting it right.”

Because you don’t have to.

All you have to do is to test it. Like …
When I created my first Instagram “series” this year… it was just a test. And now, every single time I create a new series, it’s even more popular than before.
Example test: My 11-part Superwoman series

When I wrote my first long-form Instagram post 4 years ago … it was just a test. And now, every single time I micro-blog on Instagram, it’s even more popular than before.
Example test: My micro-blog on men + women empowering each other

When I first reposted an Instagram LIVE on Facebook (and then sent a bunch of newsletter traffic to watch the video before I put ad spend behind it) … it was just a test. And now, every single time I send new traffic to it, it’s even more popular than before.
Example test: My video on leading yourself forward
Everything I do in business is just a series of tests.

And if those tests fail?

It’s not a reflection on me.
It doesn’t mean I should give up.
And it definitely doesn’t mean I should quit entrepreneurship.

A test is just a test.

That’s why the two most important skills you can ever learn are resilience and adaptability.

Because even the best salesperson in the world won’t close every sale. And even the best writers in the world won’t create viral content every time. And even the best entrepreneurs in the world won’t make the same amount of money every single month.

There are ebbs and there are flows.

And the entrepreneurs who make it are the ones who learn from their ebbs just as much as they celebrate their flows.

So don’t avoid those ebbs, my friend.

Stay ever-changing. Pursue ever-growing.