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For 7 years I struggled with this (and nobody talks about it)

A lot of people have asked me about the 6 months I spent in trauma counseling—which totally makes sense. I mean, before last year, I had never even heard of trauma counseling myself.

All I knew was that people who struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks (like I did) somehow figured out a way to “cope” with their symptoms in their own unique ways.

But after 7 years of “coping” and focusing all of my love, time, and energy on building a life/business/marriage I was ridiculously proud of, I had reached my limit.

For me, this meant:
I ran out of capacity. And without some form of healing and relief, I had absolutely nothing left to give.
I was settling. And I was stuck in an endless cycle of grief that I couldn’t escape from for longer than a few weeks at a time.
That’s when I found Rita.

She explained it to me like this: When you experience grief and trauma, it literally clouds the part of your brain that handles logical reasoning and decision-making.

So, it’s kind of no wonder that I had reached my capacity. And it’s kind of insanely shocking that I had made as many good decisions in our life/business/marriage as I had.

Because my brain and my body needed to heal.

That’s when our “Season of Healing” began.

Scott was in on it too. In fact, on the exact same day I found out about “trauma counseling,” he found out about it as well.

So while I went to Rita, he went to Crystal.

Week after week, we visited these trauma counselors (who both happened to be grandmothers by the way, which made them all the more lovable) that specialized in brains, trauma, and grief.

And slowly but surely, we both healed.

But even more importantly than that, our CAPACITY to take our lives + our business to the next level returned.
This means that even though our business doubled its profits last year, we now have the CAPACITY we need to double it again.
And this means that even though our branding school has welcomed over 700+ kindred spirits and made almost a million dollars in sales, we now have the CAPACITY we need to grow it bigger still.
And it means that even though everything in our current business is growing + thriving, we now have the CAPACITY we need to create a second signature course and lead a 1-on-1 retreat experience for 6-figure business owners.
This is what I mean when I talk about the importance of hustling, resting, playing, and HEALING.

And this is why I recorded this NEW video about leading your business forward.

Because leading your business forward has absolutely nothing to do with posting more, doing more, attending more, speaking more, working more, proving more, spending more or sharing more.

In fact, true leadership often looks a whole lot more like stepping back and:
Saying “no” over and over again (to both yourself and to others) and hyperfocusing on profit-generating tasks, so you have the time you need to rest, play and heal
Allowing yourself to grow and change without holding onto (or feeling shame about) your old schedule or your old to-do list
Paying attention to what your body and gut are already telling you to do—and actually doing it
Digging into your numbers and learning how to care for them without waiting for your circumstances to change
Asking yourself the hard questions and reclaiming areas of your life + business where you’ve allowed yourself to settle
This is what true leadership looks like to me. And this is what I mean when I say, “Your #1 job is to lead yourself forward.” Because as the owner and the visionary of your company, your business needs you. And as much as you push, and you settle, and you cope, and you struggle …
YOU are the one your business is waiting for.

So my question for you today is simple: Are you leading yourself the way you want to be led?

Are you leading/protecting/nurturing your time?
Are you leading/protecting/nurturing your money?
Are you leading/protecting/nurturing your energy?
Are you leading/protecting/nurturing your vision?
Are you leading/protecting/nurturing your healing?

If you answered “no” to a single one of these questions, then I hope you’ll set aside your crazy to-do list, plug in your headphones, and watch this video on becoming your own leader.

Because no one can lead you for you. Yes, they can advise you, they can coach you, they can inspire you, and they can mentor you.

But they can’t lead you.

That’s on YOU.

So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and don’t settle for anything less.

It’s time to draw your line in the sand and lead yourself forward.